Local Transport is a basic necessity for almost all the business houses operating in a country. This is the only way that goods and materials can be locally shifted from one place to another which is generally achieved with the help of Trucks, Vans, Pick-ups, etc.

Falcon Express operates a well maintained and coordinated fleet of assorted trucks and vans that are equipped with GPS tracking system for Local Transportation Services. Our fleet consists of Prime Movers, Trailer, Trucks of different capacity (4T, 6T, 8T, 10T, 13T, etc.), Delivery Vans, Forklifts, etc.

Falcon Express is offering Local Transport services with its own fleet of trucks to business in Qatar. Companies that are relatively smaller in business size who do not have their own vehicles or larger companies who have their own vehicles but are in need of additional transportation support can now bank on our high quality and timely services for all their Local Transportation requirements.

With our fleet and team of experts, our transportation services can further enhance and help your business grow exponentially.