Customs duty & legalization fees are levied on all commercial shipments (Non-Documents) imported into Qatar irrespective of the declared value of the shipment. Please note that based on an inspection by Qatar Customs for all the shipments, it will be the client/customer/consignees responsibility to reimburse Falcon Express Services Qatar for the following costs at the time of shipment delivery:

Customs Duty:

The applicable rate is 5% of the CIF invoice value

Legalization Fee:

Invoice Value (QAR)  Attestation of Certificate of Attestation of Commercial Total Payable (QAR)
From To Origin Invoices
1 15,000 150 500 650
15,001 100,000 150 1,000 1,150
100,001 250,000 150 2,500 2,650
250,001 1,000,000 150 5,000 5,150
1,000,001 and above  150 0.6% of Invoice value

Bayan Charges:

  • Commercial Shipments: QAR 250
  • Personal Shipments: QAR 20

Other Charges:

Qatar General Customs Authority has implemented an increase in customs clearance service charges and fees.

Consequently, there has been an increase in various charges, including but not limited to the Bayan fee, handling fee, Request for Reconciliation (RFR) and manifest filing.

With these new charges coming into effect, extra admin work which will go towards the clearance and therefore we are forced to increase our minimum Admin / Disbursement Fee charge effective the 15th November 2017 as follows:

  • Commercial Shipment QR 105 / Bayan
  • Personal shipment QR 23 / Bayan


For the avoidance of doubt, charges mentioned under “Other Charges” are levied by Falcon Express Services Qatar due to the reasons mentioned above.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact our customer service.