Based on the nature of the imported shipment, the importer may be required to provide Ministerial approvals for products that fall under the restricted list in-order to secure its clearance as per Customs rule in Qatar.

These imported shipments which are held by Customs for special approvals, are required to be customs-cleared within 72 hours after arrival in-order to prevent any storage charges being imposed on them.

Some of the restricted items are such as Medicine, Cosmetics, Nutrition foods, Computer items, Network equipment, Wireless devices, Security devices, Specialist cameras, Chemical, Liquids, Lubricants, Radioactive material, Fire related items like Alarm Equipments, Educational books & Automotive spare parts.

Falcon Express has its in-house team of expert Agents who are well connected and share a cordial relationship with all the Ministries in Qatar. Thus ensuring there are well informed about the updated rules and regulations that affect the import business. Falcon Express offers Approval Service to all importers in Qatar, thus assisting them with securing an approval for all their legitimate shipments from any of the Ministries in Qatar, which in-turn would facilitate the client in clearing their shipments from the customs.